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You're About to Discover and Activate
Your Blueprint for Divine Prosperity,
Break the Cycle of Struggle and Scarcity and
Embrace Your Birthright of TRUE Abundance

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Join Edward Mills, The Abundant Mystic, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer, as he guides you fully into Your Manifestation Matrix so that you can completely release the experience of scarcity, lack and limitation from your life.

Get ready to dive into a completely new paradigm of Divine Love, Abundance and Purpose as you embrace and embody the Truth of YOUR MANIFESTATION MATRIX!

LIVE Program Begins
Wednesday, February 18th at 4:30pm PT

This brand new, never before offered, LIVE Training with Edward will awaken you to the Deepest Truth of your Being and guide you back home to your Birthright of Divine Abundance!

Finally Break The Cycle of Struggle, Scarcity and Self Sabotage

Throughout your life, you may have inherited, been taught or created stories about money such as “It’s the ‘root of all evil’” or “Rich people are greedy” or “It’s not ok to charge for spiritual work.”

These stories have become embedded in your Body, Mind, Emotions and even in your Energy Systems. And they keep you stuck in the cycles of Scarcity, Struggle, Suffering and Self-Sabotage.

You're not alone!

Far too many sensitive spiritual seekers and modern-day mystics are frustrated and challenged by these cycles of suffering and scarcity.

And it's not just YOU that these UNTRUTHS and False Stories harm...

The struggle takes your time, drains your energy and distracts you from your True Purpose. They also undermine your ability to fully share the unique gifts and messages you are here to share.

So you are left with less time... less money... less energy... less attention to focus on the ways that you can show up and support others... while living an amazing abundant life!

What if, instead, you viewed abundance as a potent, positive energy that you could harness to amplify your intentions, deepen your spiritual growth and help you manifest your biggest dreams?

abundance quest beautiful moneyWhen you embrace the deep, sacred nature of abundance, in all of its expressions, you become empowered to step off the tumultuous abundance roller coaster-and onto the steady path of ever expanding, dynamic, authentic abundance.

The Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation will help you BREAK FREE from your abundance blocks so that you can manifest more of what you want in your life – more money, more meaning, more vibrant energy, more love and a greater capacity to offer yourself in joyful service to others and to the world!

You’ll find yourself opening to a deeper experience of the awesome blessing that your life is. And as step more and more fully into the Manifestation Matrix you feel fulfilled, on purpose, grateful and in love with yourself and all aspects of you life!


I know what it feels like to stuck in the cycle of struggle, suffering and scarcity.

Challenges Expand YouThere have been some seriously dark times in my life... wondering how I was going to pay the rent and put food on the table.

To be totally honest, I've traveled pretty far down into the scarcity rabbit hole... A lot farther than I would have liked!

But all the time down there, I knew there was a reason. I could feel that I was in that challenging place to learn something, to grow, to discover a larger truth about my life and about existence!

I didn’t waste my time down in that dark place of challenge and struggle.

I watched and listened, contemplated and learned...

... and ultimately, I was guided to create and hone the tools, techniques, insights and processes that have awakened me to The Manifestation Matrix and opened the door to this Training and Activation.

And I'm happy to say that now, my life is filled with authentic abundance (well actually it always WAS filled with authentic abundance which is part of the secret YOU'LL discover during the Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation).

But I honestly don't know if I would have gotten out of that dark space of struggle and scarcity if without the insights, tools and energetic processes that are now part of this training.

The practices, insights, processes and activations that you'll be learning in the Manifestation Matrix allowed me to return to the Light of Divine Love and True Abundance.

And without a doubt, the time I spent struggling with scarcity makes me SO determined to HELP YOU!

Because I've been "there" you'll feel me guiding you from a place of understanding, empathy and deep compassion.

Dear Edward Mills – First and foremost – THANK YOU! My husband and I were on the call last week. Since that time we have been practicing abundance and watching our lives change. We created where we are – struggling financially – and I see now with much greater clarity specifically how we did that. You are so right about the highs and lows – and balance and simplicity is what we are learning – we finally are realizing the gift of where we are now! At 68 we are beginning a new life – and one I now KNOW is abundant. You give of yourself so graciously.

Tarran Caldwell

Some of the Benefits You’ll Receive from the Manifestation Matrix Training

When you Activate Your Manifestation Matrix you will break free from the Abundance Blocks, False Stories and Limiting Beliefs that have held you back and kept you in a place of struggle and scarcity.  

You'll start manifesting more of what you want in your life – more money, yes, but also more meaning, more love and a greater capacity to offer yourself in joyful service to others and to the world!

You’ll find yourself opening to a deeper capacity to experience the full blessing of life. And as your relationship with money becomes more expansive you will feel fulfilled in other areas of your life as well.

During the Manifestation Matrix Training You Will...

“I want to thank Edward for making this personal shift into abundance possible for us all. I am truly amazed and awed when I see all the abundance that has opened up in my life...”

Cecilia Gotherstrom, The Netherlands & Sweden


Authentic Abundance is your birthright, and in a perfect world you (and all of us) would have grown up in an environment that nurtured and supported that connection.

In that Perfect World you would have learned to...


You and I didn't grow up in that "perfect world"...

... We grew up in this PERFECT World...

And it’s NOT too late to reclaim that birthright...

YOUR birthright of Authentic Abundance!

And The Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation gives you the simple, powerful, step-by-step Spiritual Blueprint that will lead you back to your birthright of TRUE Abundance!


  • Proven Tools, Techniques and Processes

    This program contains the simplest and most effective processes to quickly move you into AUTHENTIC Abundance. No complicated mumbo jumbo. Just simple, powerful, proven tools that work.

    Best of all, once you learn these techniques, they’ll be part of your personal evolution toolbox for the rest of your life-and you’ll be able to use them whenever you feel the need for a little boost to your abundance quotient.

  • A Safe, Fun and Effective Transformational Space

    I’ve learned a lot during the past 20+ years of personal transformation, teaching and coaching. And one of the more important things I’ve learned is that the best content can be worthless if it’s delivered in an environment that is not conducive to learning and transformation.

    My intention is for YOUR journey into True Abundance to be safe, fun and effective. Within the Abundance Quest you’ll discover a structure and container that will let you go as deep as you want, safely – while also remembering the importance of lightness, fun and enjoyment!

  • A Charged Field of Abundance Energy

    One of the things Edward does before every call is “charge the field” with positive, abundance energy. Using tools he learned in his energy medicine training that he’s honed and evolved over the past 20 years, Edward creates a safe and sacred container for your time together.

    But even more powerful is the potent collective energy that you’ll co-create when you come together in the group field. Our unified field of intention lifts us all up. And even if you’re not on the live calls or rebroadcasts, when we unite with a shared focus on abundance, we create a powerfully supportive field of energy that supports you (and all of us) on your journey into AUTHENTIC Abundance.

  • Powerful Proven Curriculum

    Each weekly LIVE training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to engage theAbundance Quest with clarity and power.

    Edward has been teaching and refining this specific content for over 3-years. The ideas, processes, exercises and homework (joywork) are all designed to create a cohesive curriculum that will guide you into a life of Authentic Abundance.


STEP 1: Enter The Manifestation Matrix Reality

As you step into Your Manifestation Matrix you will begin to see that much of what you have been taught is wrong. You'll discover that many of the ways you have lived are actually in conflict with the deeper truth of the Manifestation Matrix.

The scarcity and lack you've experienced are habits you've been taught. They are not your natural state. They are not “reality.”

In this module you will be given simple tools to help you “unlearn” the habit of scarcity.

Golden butterflySome highlights include:

  • Why UN-learning is the key to entering Your Manifestation Matrix and how to "UNPLUG" from the Scarcity Matrix so that you can experience your true abundant nature.
  • Why habits are much easier to transform than reality and how a simple shift in your perception can quickly transform your entire world.
  • A simple but powerful Separation Technique that will help you let go of other people's ideas and energies around manifestation so you can Re-Enter Your Manifestation Matrix.
  • And more.

STEP 2: Align With Your Higher Purpose

The first level of the Manifestation Matrix is Aligning with Your Higher Purpose.

For Modern Day Mystics, like you, Abundance must be in service to Your Awakening Journey. When it is not... when your abundance or your pursuit of abundance is out of Divine Alignment it will always feel "off" and you will resist it.

You you really understand this, and Activate this in your body, your resistance dissolves and you begin to say YES to abundance.

Your ability to manifest Abundance in all areas of your life quickly and easily expands as you align with your higher purpose.

Manifestation Matrix - Awaken to Higher PurposeSome highlights include:

  • Why getting Your Higher Purpose "right" provides the foundation for Activating all 7 levels of your Manifestation Matrix.
  • The missing key to discovering Your Higher Purpose and where to find it.
  • How to Align with Your Higher Purpose consistently so that you will always feel the pulsing presence of Divine Truth guiding your life.
  • And more.

STEP 3: Awaken to Holographic Vision

You activate Holographic Vision when you awaken to Divine Perception. Holographic Vision allows you to see the Essence of what you seek... and what seeks to be made manifest through you.

As you Awaken Holographic Perception and reactivate your capacity to dream big you will feel yourself opening to be a channel for the Divine to work miracles through you.

Holographic Vision awakens you to the truth that The world wants and needs YOUR Unique Big Vision.

Manifestation Matrix - Holographic VisionHighlights include:

  • Reconnecting with your DIVINE DREAM TEAM!
  • You'll understand the Holographic nature of the Universe and how that Holographic essence is translated through you into physical form.
  • You’ll access multiple exercises in the course workbook to get your dreaming “muscle” back into shape.

STEP 4: Activate Your Quantum Values Grid

The next step in opening your Manifestation Matrix is to Activate your Quantum Values Grid.

This Values Grid becomes a highly supportive filter through which your Big Visions pass (or not).

As a sensitive spiritual being you have a highly developed ability to imagine. And when you Awaken your Holographic Vision your capacity to dream big will expand.

Your Values Grid is a Quantum Mesh that sifts and sorts and filters your visions. It only allows those visions to pass through that are worthy of your time, attention and energy.

Manifestation Matrix Values GridHighlights Include:

  • Discovering the intimate relationship between Your Vision and Values so that you leverage Universal forces to support your Creations.
  • How to use your Value Grid as a powerful filter and sorting mechanism to help hone your Vision and focus your attention.
  • Practical exercises to zero in on the Values that make up YOUR grid... and how to disconnect from external values you've been holding onto values from family, teachers, karma, etc.

STEP 5: Enter the Conception Point

In this module you will experience the deep peace and presence that comes with Unconditional Acceptance.

The Divine Matrix - which you are an aspect of - is unfolding and evolving in a perfect way.

Your human mind cannot ever fully comprehend the complexities of the unfolding Divine Matrix. But your heart CAN open to experience unconditional trust and acceptance in the perfection of this unfolding.

Manifestation Matrix - infinite loopHighlights include:

  • Dissolve the walls surrounding and "protecting" your heart so that you can more fully experience the perfection of the Divine Matrix as it flows through you.
  • Travel through your Heart Portal into the Heart of the Divine Matrix to fully experience the deep, loving presence.
  • Experience the power of the "Infinite Triple Loop" of unconditional acceptance as it loops and expands continuously through the Divine Matrix, Your Manifestation Matrix and physical reality.

STEP 6: The Quickening

Here you will learn how to bring your attention fully in the NOW Moment of your Manifestation Matrix.

You will discover the incredible creative power that awakens when you concentrate your intention into a laser-like focus.

And you will learn exactly how to consistently bring yourself into the laser-like focus of the Now Moment.

w6Highlights include:

  • How to know when you are OUT of present time - in the future or the paste - so that you can recenter in this Now moment and experience the crystalline clarity of Now focus.
  • The three "Thieves" of Presence and how to kick them out of your space permanently.
  • The Intention Embodiment Meditation that will help you lock your intention into your body

STEP 7: Build Your Emotional Bridge To Source

Here you'll learn how to build a bridge to the Divine Matrix using the incredible power of your Emotional Body and its awesome Internal Guidance System.

You'll also discover the secret to fixing the reversed cause and effect relationship between beliefs and “reality” you have been taught. You’ve lived with the incorrect assumption that you can only believe something when you see it. You'll learn, that as scientists have proven, reality “bends” to our beliefs. It’s only when you believe something that you’ll see it.

Manifestation Matrix Emotions BridgeHere are some of the highlights :

  • Why the “power of positive thinking” should really be called the “power of positive believing
  • A potent technique for discovering your core beliefs about abundance
  • The body-based practice for replacing your old, disempowering beliefs about abundance with new empowering beliefs

STEP 8: Plug Into the Gaian Creation Grid

In this module you take everything you've learned and embodied up to now and Plug It All Into the awesome Gaian Grid.

This is where you learn how to take action that is fully aligned with your Activated Manifestation Matrix and supported by the powerful presence of the Earth Consciousness.

Manifestation Matrix - Gaian GridHere are some of the highlights:

  • What is the Gaian Grid and how you can tap into its pulsing potential to catalyze your creations.
  • How to know when to take action and when to wait and work on bringing the other keys into alignment
  • Why disconnected action will always feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel
  • Why aligned action will NOT always feel easy (hint: it has to do with your comfort zone)
  • How to know the difference between sabotaging procrastination and productive gestation
  • The technique that will get you taking action when the time is right (even if you don’t want to)

Using energy work, Edward’s class helped me to identify core beliefs that were negatively affecting not only my relationship to money, but all the relationships in my life. I have integrated new practices to manifest expansive opportunities. My head is clear, and my heart is wide.

Stacey Murphy

Your Manifestation Matrix Bonus Package

In addition to core content of The Manifestation Matrix Training, you’ll also receive these powerful bonuses. These bonuses complement what you’ll learn, clear and activate during the Matrix training and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

TWO LIVE Energy Coaching Calls with Edward - Value $197

During these bonus LIVE Energy Coaching calls with Edward you'll have the chance to ask questions and receive one-on-one attention.This will be your opportunity to clear any lingering blocks, limiting, beliefs or resistance to your birthright of abundance.

Edward will stay on the line with you as long as it takes to answer ALL of your questions and provide personalized coaching, energy clearings and activations for as many of you as possible.

This is one of the only ways to receive personalized attention from Edward.

Bonus #2
The 30-Day Abundance Quest - Value $197

The 30-Day Abundance QuestWe'll be doing high-level Energetic transformation throughout the Manifestation Matrix Training.

And... anchoring the Awakening and Transformation in the physical world is crucial to your success.

That's why I've decided to include the COMPLETE Abundance Quest Program as a special bonus for you. This program has already changed the lives of hundreds of Modern Day Mystics.

It provides you with a step-by-step, easy to follow Action Guide and training to activate the 4 Manifestation Keys in your life so that you break the cycle of scarcity and lack and reclaim your birthright of TRUE Abundance.

Bonus #3
LIVE Belief Clearing Call with Michelle Rene Johnson - Value $97

On this call, we will be joined by Certified Core Energy Coach & Theta Healer, Michelle Renee Johnson, who will guide us in her life-changing Belief Clearing Process, where she will connect into your field and literally pull out many of the most insidious fear-based beliefs that exist around money, wealth and scarcity that likely have been lodged in your subconscious for Michelle Rene Johnson Photodecades (or even life-times!).  Through this process, you will feel the relief of not just getting intellectually that these fear-based beliefs aren’t your Truth, but literally KNOWING IT in every fiber of your being, allowing you to more easily integrate all the higher Truths about abundance that you are learning in the Abundance Quest and activating them even more powerfully in your life.

Michelle Renee Johnson is a Certified Core Energy Coach & Theta Healer.  Her Belief Clearing Process is one of the core components of her signature coaching design, Integrative Soul Work, a holistic, soul-based model for consciously creating your life consistently in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and Plan.

Bonus #4
Healing and Visioning Journey with the Dolphin Energy - Value $47

dolphin-healingIn this special bonus recording you will go on a transformational and healing journey with the energy of the Dolphins.

These master healers will cleanse your system and awaken you to the bigger vision waiting for you to claim it.

And as you journey with your Dolphin Guides you will discover a deeper connection to your own resonance with the truth of your higher vision.

Bonus #5
Inner Sanctuary Training and Elemental Intuition Activations - Value $47

Elemental IntuitionIn this special bonus recording you will discover your Inner Sanctuary and the deep peace and quiet that allows you to access much more of your Intuition and Higher Guidance.

You will receive 4 individual Activation Processes with the Elemental Forces (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) as they each guide you in their unique and powerful way, into a consistent connection with your Inner Sanctuary.

Bonus #6
Gaia/Earth Circuit Clearing and Activation - Value $47

ecover-gaia-activation-renderIn this special bonus recording you will discover

  • A deeper sense of grounding and stability (no more stubbed toes and bonked heads!)
  • A powerful feeling of belonging - you'll know that you are wanted and welcomed here on this beautiful planet!
  • An increased capacity to manifest more of what you want - you'll be manifesting in collaboration with the most powerful manifestation force in your life... Gaia!
  • More physical well-being - The Activated Gaia Energy will weave into your cellular structure and enhance your experience of well-being
  • Increased Vitality - You'll feel more alive and energized as you open to receive this vital Gaia Energy
  • So much more!

THOUSANDS OF MYSTICS around the world are attracting miracles and magic thanks to Edward Mills and his Energetic and Spiritual Teachings!


”The experiences gained through [this course] have been phenomenal. I have felt a major shift within myself! The network has been a great anchor for all the changes that are happening in our world.“

- Denise Rushton

”The course, created by Edward Mills, is a powerful, provocative, profound vehicle capable of igniting simple, yet very significant shifts in one’s awareness, behavior, body, thoughts, feelings, emotions consciousness-and even in unconscious states. Give this precious gift to yourself and to others. Abundance Quest is a gift that gives for a lifetime.

- Mallika Albert

Using energy work, Edward’s class helped me to identify core beliefs that were negatively affecting not only my relationship to money, but all the relationships in my life. I have integrated new practices to manifest expansive opportunities. My head is clear, and my heart is wide.

- Stacey Murphy

The experiences gained through this course have been phenomenal. I have felt a major shift within myself!

- Denise Rushton

The course, created by Edward Mills, is a powerful, provocative, profound vehicle capable of igniting simple, yet very significant shifts in one’s awareness, behaviour, body, thoughts, feelings, emotions consciousness-and even in unconscious states. Give this precious gift to yourself and to others. Abundance Quest is a gift that gives for a lifetime.

- Mallika Albert

I find the experiential focus of the program to be the core of it. I also feel that the personal experience of Edward Mills in creating this program is based on the integrity of his experiences to embrace unlimited abundance. I highly recommend this program and feel full participation in all aspects of it successfully created a habit of unlimited abundance within me that is here to stay

- Carol S. Bostick

Edward is a man of deep integrity, experience and humility, offering insight and warm, compassionate support. His melding of very grounded and practical spirituality with practical foci was the key for me deciding to sign up (plus his very generous sharing of deep tasters prior to the course itself). He clearly walks his talk, sharing as both ’educator’ (in its true original sense of one who ’brings out’ from others) and equal, as one who has been ’down’ as well as ’up’ and continues to practice on his path. He felt like a good friend, or better what the Spanish call a ’compañero’, with lots of enthusiasm and great stuff to share.

- Christa

It was the most delighting and helpful experience to participate in the Abundance Quest, which was guided by Edward Mills. Just extraordinary.

- Christa, V

”I want to thank both Edward and The Shift Network for making this personal shift into abundance possible for us all. I am truly amazed and awed when I see all the abundance that has opened up in my life during these 30 days + the pre-work. I am not the same person I was before this journey, and I am so blessed to also be able to share this with everyone in my surroundings-which happens automatically when you open up to abundance like we were guided through in this course. It just flows!

Love, blessings & thank you.“

- Cecilia Gotherstrom, The Netherlands & Sweden


All items available as Live Training and/or Instant Downloads only

8 Live Training Calls with Energy Clearings and Activations (Value $776.00)
8 Video Trainings for each lesson (Value $192.00)
Lifetime Access to the Downloadable MP3 Recordings of Every Call  (Value $376)
Word for Word Transcripts from Every Call (Value $96)

That's a total value for the Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation of $1,440.00

PLUS, you get the complete Manifestation Matrix Bonus Package specifically designed to enhance what you learn, embrace and embody during the training!

The 2 LIVE Q&A and Energy Coaching Calls with Edward (Value $194.00)

The Complete 30-Day Abundance Quest and Training Program (Value $197)

LIVE Belief Clearing Call with Michelle Rene Johnson  (Value $97)

Inner Sanctuary and Elemental Intuition Training and Activation  (Value $47)

Dolphin Healing and Visioning Journey  (Value $47)

The total value for the Manifestation Matrix Bonus Package is $582.00!

So the total Value for the entire Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation and Bonus Package is $2,022.00

The regular price for this program is going to be $497. 

But because this is the first time that I'll be sharing these incredible Manifestation Matrix teachings it just doesn't feel right to charge the full price.

So when you register now you're going to get access to 8 LIVE Training and Activation calls, 2 LIVE Energy Coaching calls, Video trainings, Recordings, Transcripts and the complete Bonus Package for less than half the regular price!

You can join The Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation right now

for just $497 $247!

That's an 88% Savings! 


Your Manifestation Matrix purchase is backed by my 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. At any time in the first 30-days you can get a complete refund if you are not totally thrilled with the positive changes in your life!

Oh and the 30-day clock starts ticking when we begin the LIVE training. So depending on when you register, you'll likely have extra time to download and listen to the bonus content!

PLUS! In addition to your 30-Day No Questions Asked Guarantee... if you go through the entire training, and attend live or listen to the recordings of at least 6 of the 8 calls and still feel like you did not get at least 10-times the value of what you paid for this program... I will give you a complete refund.

AND... I'll also pay you an extra $50 on top of that to thank you for giving it a try.

That's how confident I am that the Manifestation Matrix will completely transform your life!

Literally... you can go through the entire training, receive the Activations, get on the bonus live calls with me and get 1-1 Energy Coaching... If you don't feel the transformation and see the positive changes in your life, just let us know.

We'll refund your complete tuition and give you an extra $50!

It just doesn't get fairer than that!


About Edward Mills

About Edward Mills

Like you, Edward Mills has heard Abundance defined in many ways. Is it financial freedom? Is it sufficiency? Is it acceptance? Is it limited to one area of life or does it embrace ALL of life?

With over two decades of personal, “real-world” exploration, along with over 15 years of Energy Coaching and Training, Edward now defines Authentic Abundance as a dynamic concept that encompasses all areas of life and balances a profound acceptance of what-is with an expansive vision of what is still to come.

s214Edward understands the unique challenges that Modern-Day Mystics face on their path to true abundance.

He uses his own life as a laboratory to experiment and test out tools and processes before sharing the ones that will really help you claim your unique gifts-and offer them in a way that leads to a life of Authentic Abundance.

Since 1999 he has coached, taught and touched the lives of tens of thousands of spiritual seekers and modern day mystics. He has led virtual and in-person courses and retreats and interviewed many of the world’s top transformational leaders-including Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Rickie Byars Beckwith, John Gray and Bruce Lipton.

Edward is the co-author of two bestselling anthologies, Healing the Heart of the World: Harnessing the Power of Intention to Change Your Life and Your Planet and Align, Expand & Succeed: Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success

And, his most important job is being "Dooda" to his beautiful daughter Galadriel - who continues to be one of his more important teachers in the art of living authentically.

Even More Quotes from Satisfied Clients and Students

Edward is an excellent, passionate teacher and coach who encourages his students to expand, grow, and open to the goodness the Universe has to offer. Edward brings out the best in all of us and asks us to stretch our boundaries and look at the world with new eyes. Thank you for your wonderful gifts.

- Kasey Capener, Heaven's Gate, Sebastopol, CA

Edward creates a safe, nurturing space where dramatic change and growth is possible. He helps me navigate the delicate terrain of my inner landscape, facilitating a deeper connection with my inner guidance.

- Elizabeth Macisco., Marketing Director, Lenox, MA

Thank you! I was struggling very much. No idea what I needed until I got here. You helped me uncork things that were blindsiding me and my business. The help I received from you will go a long way. The way things were presented allowed me to join and become present quickly and easily.

- Raul Chairez, Santa Rosa, CA

Immediately after my first coaching session with Ed I was making positive changes in my life. I see now that these limiting thoughts needed to be handled years ago, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. With Ed’s guidance and coaching, I know the steps to take to get onto the right path. I immediately saw and felt a difference in my life. Ed was also able to help me understand a question I had about the law of attraction which has been puzzling me for years!

If you have limiting beliefs about yourself or something holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams within your business or personal life, I highly recommend having a coaching session with Ed Mills. You WILL awaken to your greatness if you make that call.

- Grace Brooke, Professional Organizer, Santa Rosa, CA

Ed. I have truly enjoyed our coaching sessions. While uncomfortable, I am growing tremendously, learning new skills and making significant life steps! Thank you!

- Charlotte Ambrose, Santa Rosa, CA

Ed sparkles up my mind and reinvigorates my heart.

- Sarah Dole, Shamanic Healer, Santa Rosa, CA

Working with Edward and the group this weekend has been a total blessing. My expectations of it were blown apart as I felt myself and my understanding of my greatness expand. I didn’t think it could be this great! And yet, it has been. What an opportunity to enlighten, enhance and expand my awareness of what the texture and flavor of my greatness is. I can feel it, taste it, and now I’m craving a crispy, creamy, brownie (inside joke!). Thank you, Ed!

- Jenn Gildred, Berkeley, CA

Thank you, Ed for making this event possible. I feel like I have more clarity, tools and techniques to help me shine in the world. This workshop has been life-changing. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to step into their greatness or go to another level in their life.

- Cheryl Jones, Petaluma, CA

When you take Ed’s class you will receive countless valuable tools that are easy to understand and use in your day-to-day life. Just learning what to do when life throws you a curve ball makes all that you learn in Ed’s class “priceless” and worth any time and effort that you will put into it.

- Duane Vos, Creative Window Fashions, Santa Rosa, CA

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from having a private coach. Conceptually, I understood that if I wanted to do, be and have more in my life, I needed to have someone to help me see outside of myself. The great people, whom I admire, had that in common: they ALL had private coaches to help them excel in their personal and professional lives.

Although I understood that I needed a coach, I don’t think I fully knew what coaching was going to be like. Before I came across Ed, I thought to myself: Was coaching going to be like a “rah-rah” session? Or, was it going to be more like counseling? Boy, was I in for a surprise when I found out it is actually more than that…A lot more!

In just my first session with Ed, he uncovered a major block that I hadn’t even considered was holding me back from moving ahead and obtaining my goals. I have to say that uncovering that “block” was like hitting me with a ton of bricks. But, it gave me the right push I needed to move me energetically into a better place.

In my few sessions with Ed, I can already see positive changes in myself and others around me. I look forward to our sessions together and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that as I uncover and rid myself of those limiting beliefs, with the help of a coach, I WILL do, be and have more in my life.

- Teresa Le, Restaurant Owner, Sacramento, CA

This work is essential for anyone who is driven to live a conscious life.

- Robyn Brown, L. Ac. Acupuncturist, Santa Rosa, CA

I appreciate your inspiration to follow my bliss and for being a wonderful example of someone who is living their passion whole-heartedly. What you have taught me is a blessing that will continue to unfold and become more beautiful over the years.

- Leith Carstarphen, Landscape Contractor, Santa Rosa, CA

By using Ed’s Law of Attraction techniques, I now know that I can market for exactly the clients I want. I don’t have to come from a place of scarcity, rather from a place of abundance. Thank you, Ed!

- Kirk Keeler, Singer/Songwriter, San Rafael, California

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would I benefit from The Manifestation Matrix?

    A: The Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation is an advanced personal empowerment system designed to help you manifest authentic abundance in all areas of your life. You’ll discover positive transformations in your personal and professional life and relationships-aligned with your purpose!

    Between the main course trainings and the bonus package you will experience positive transformation from this program…

    As long as you show up and listen to the calls.

    Obviously, no training program is going to transform you if you are not willing to show up and let the program help you!

    The best part is, ANYONE can do this. You might be still stuck on the unpredictable financial roller coaster or already on a steady course, but ready to move to the next level. All that’s required is the desire to create more authentic abundance in your life-and the commitment to take the simple, consistent daily actions that the Abundance Quest will provide you.

  • I have tried other similar systems with similar promises, but I have not experienced the results I expected. Why would The Manifestation Matrix be any different?

    A: The Manifestation Matrix Training and Activation addresses the ROOT cause of scarcity, struggle and suffering. Most other programs attempt to put a band-aid on the problem. In this program you’re going to dive deep and uncover the very truth of your being. If other programs have not worked for you in the past it’s probably because they did not take you deep enough into the Manifestation Matrix for you to discover the truth of your being and embody it fully in the physical world.

  • I have a busy life. How will I find time to practice the techniques from The Manifestation Matrix?

    A: The Manifestation Matrix is unlike other programs. There is very little “homework.” Instead, you will be given “Daily Awareness Practices” that you pay attention to throughout your day. So aside from the 90-minute weekly training calls there is no other time that you must take for the program.

    We do recommend that, as time permits, you listen to the bonus material. And if you can take 15-minutes a day, going through the 30-Day Abundance Quest Program will absolutely help accelerate your transformation.

  • Can I get benefit from the course if I miss the live classes?

    A: Absolutely! You can download the recordings and transcripts of all course sessions from our online media archive, so you never need to worry about missing live calls. You’ll still get the full benefit.

    And even if you are not on the live calls you will still be included in the energy field for the Vibrational Activations of the Matrix. As long as you are registered for the program you will receive the energetic benefits!

  • What is your refund policy?

    A: Your satisfaction with The Abundant Mystic and this Manifestation Matrix Program is our highest priority! If you have any questions or technical issues with the course please send an email to our amazing Customer Joy Team here They will do everything they can to make sure you get your needs met!

    If you are still not thrilled with the program, just let them know within the first 30-days of the start of the program and you’ll be issued a prompt and complete refund of your course tuition!

    And, on this program we are offering a special second guarantee. If, at the end of the program you are not completely thrilled with the positive changes in your life and you have attended or listened to at least 6 of the 8 live training calls, just let our Customer Joy Team know and they will issue a full refund PLUS an additional $50 to thank you for trying the program.


  • What is a virtual course?

    A: It’s a great way to engage live teachings and each other from the comfort of your home! All you need is a phone line (or an equivalent voice service).

    Please note that dialing into our conference line from your phone is a regular toll call and your telephone service provider will charge you according to your existing long-distance calling plan. You can also use Skype credit/subscription or Google Voice to dial in to the conference or you can listen via our webcast interface.

  • When are the Live Calls?

    The Live calls are on Wednesdays at 4:30pm Pacific Time beginning on February 18th and going through April 13th.

    You can access the live calls using your phone, Skype or via the webcast.

    All of the live calls will be recorded and a downloadable MP3 recording will be posted in your private members area within 24-hours of the call (usually much sooner!)